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  • didn’t have a product about music (lyrics, videos) to compete with big players already in the market from a long time upon. This market has a great audience and wanted acquire a share of it. A new team was created to develop this product and I was part of it.

    So we should design a music and lyrics product from zero, and we started building the basics so we had a minimum to start competing for the audience. What we tried to do to differentiate from competitors was turn the experience of the same features they had into something easier to use, more pleasant and organized. We’d have much less features by the beginning, but they would be better to experience. 

    From the personas, scenarios and mind maps we mapped, we designed this product including features like lyrics, translates and videos from a huge number of artists, playlists, genres and soundtracks, and a lot of micro interactions for the users, because all content should be collaborative. Visually, I created a new brand, and the overall product look should correspond to DNA while dressing its own identity up. We also had a lot of attention to SEO and developed the product in a progressive and incremental way.

    This project meant a great professional evolution to me.

    2012 –