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  • In 2011 the Advance Diplomas (graphic Design) were holding a exhibition night with the theme Music and Lyrics. With a large amount of space left in the gallery the Advance Diplomas allowed us Diploma students to submit work into the exhibition. This was my first time exhibiting work.

    From 2007-2010 I went through a phase of painting many music inspired artworks, however all of these were out dated and full of amateur mistakes. Tight for time I decided to redo two painting that I thought has potential.

    Photos from the night can be seen on my blog.

  • Portrait of Matt Bellamy the front man of the British band Muse
    Paul Harries
    kindly gave me permission to use his photo as a reference.
  • Rabbit Hole

    A portrait of a close friend.
    Check out her brilliant band Lilt