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  • "2 or 3 Guys: The Album" Artwork
    Music album artwork for California band
  • The Sacramento, CA based band 2 or 3 Guys contacted me about doing the artwork for their upcoming album titled "2 or 3 Guys: The Album." The main art direction I received was to have the band members somehow illustrated on the cover. The rest was up to me. Over time, I eventually reached the conclusion of doing a post-apocalyptic/dystopian setting for the art design. The music does not reflect this theme (I felt it would be fun to draw such a setting).

    The exterior of the album is its own landscape scene along with the interior being a separate scene as well. Of course, both belong to the same world. The band members are wearing an outfit I sort of made up from looking at radiation suits and costume designs from the Fallout games. The items placed in their hands (small suitcase, ray-gun and a beer bottle are simply random).

    The illustrations were originally drawn in micron black ink and then scanned. Adobe Photoshop was used to do the coloring. Digital photographs were mixed in later, once coloring was complete; the clouds, gravel and some texture surfaces were derived from various photographs.

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  • The exterior design - front and back of the album
  • Random panel/close up of exterior artwork
  • The original drawing of the exterior - done in my sketchbook
  • Close up
  • The interior artwork
  • The original drawing of the interior - don't draw while you're tired, things like sense of perspective
     become a little skewed.
  • "ILLUSTRATE US!" They said.
  • "Well... ok then."
  • The final product.