Museum of the Moving Image

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  • Museum of : Music for the Eyes

    Since the museum is located in a noise polluted site due to cars horns, trucks and construction noise, the journey through it will offer various levels of thresholds to different acoustic qualities of interior spaces including cinemas, showrooms and theatres. The acoustics of those spaces vary mainly according to the movie genres displayed in them.

    The two main genres are:
    Musical movie
    Silent movies

    The walls of the museum will form barriers from the exterior noisy environment to a contrasting world of both musical/silent realms. Entering the museum will be an experience of shifting from chaotic non-rhythmic surroundings to a new world that re-arranges its notes and beats to please both the ears and the spirit. In some moments, these notes start vanishing to allow for the eyes to take their role in interpreting silent lips movement or body to intrigue the imagination above all other body senses
    The musical movies will include life orchestra performance or solo musical performance along with the movie scenes. Singing and dancing life shows will be also presented
    The museum will offer opportunities for students  to assist the visitors with sensory challenged abilities such as deaf or blind visitors. As an architecture student, I was always asked to describe architectural spaces as if I am describing them to a blind person, and having the opportunity to achieve that for actual blind people would be very challenging. Verbal imaging tour to describe color, content and composition of works will be provided. The rest will be kept for the blind to interpret within his/her own imagination
    Moreover, the cafe and the restaurant will employ deaf waiters and waitresses to challenge the hearing and seeing visitors beyond their comfort zone.