Museum of Shawls

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    Museum of Shawls History in Russian province - Pavlovsky Posad - has a unique collection of scarves and shawls (the end of the XVIII - beginning of XX century ), gathered in Russia and other countries of Europe campaign and historical commemorative scarves, shawls commemorative royal time in Russia , vintage wool hand-printed cloth shawls and silk jacquard weaving, as well as a host of other rare artifacts. However, the museum does not have its own building and is located on the territory of the local Palace of Culture. The museum has not only a recognizable corporate identity but also the basic markings. As a result, its existence is known only to specialists, art historians and casual tourists.

    To develop a bright and modern style house museum to revive interest in the study of the history of a tissue, and thus contribute to the development of tourism infrastructure.

    Decorative elements that underpin corporate identity, are built on fragments of the rarest scarves that add up to endless kaleidoscopes, reflecting a wide variety of exhibits. The modern style of the lodging of historical figures used in shawls, reflects a new view of the organization of exhibition space of the museum exhibits and demonstrations. With the convenient and flexible grid in which to place scarves, corporate identity can constantly evolve, keeping awareness. Luscious colors, an abundance of textures and patterns of museum visitors are immersed in a world where the scarf is no longer a simple accessory, clothes, and becomes an art object which reflects different historical periods and the great events of Russia and other European countries.