Murmansk. Behind arctic circle

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  • City branding. Murmansk Identity Project
    Брендинг территорий. Разработка системы визуальной идентичности г. Мурманска

  • main logo

  • logos to main Murmansk components

  • a series of graphics elements that integrates the system in urban space and on different media

  • series of city posters

  • on the right way
    behind arctic circle

  • over public opinion
    behind arctic circle

  • in science
    behind arctic circle

  • relief of the Murmansk

  • transparent version for interior
  • me behind arctic circle. interior poster template (mesh is a relief of the city of Murmansk)

    everyone has their own personal Murmansk
    man creates space — space creates a man
    so, everyone can draw their own image of the city

  • souvenirs

  • examples of use
  • graphics for transport

  • interactive screensaver

  • tv shorts

  • promo video