Munkamánia (workaholism)

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    Workaholism has become the respectable addiction in our society, but in reality it is just as destructive 
    as it uglier cousins. The purpose of this project is to raise awareness to its real identity.
    The central element of the campaign would be a website with informations, a test and forum. The design
    of the site reflects to the qualities of the illness. At first the menu button is moving fast left to right, and one
    has to click a 'Lassíts!' ( =  Slow down!) button in order to enter the useable surface of the page.
    As a second medium of the campaign, I made two visuals of possible ambient appearances in office buildings, as they are assembly points for workaholics.
     a, Revolving door

    'A pihenés ijesztő' = Relaxing is frigthening
    'Dolgoznom kell!' = I must work!
    b, Elevator

    'Nem érek rá!' = I don't have time!
    'Félek!' = I'm afraid.

    PAPER CUP (guerilla solution)
    A third medium is a simple paper beverage cup, that would be placed in the buffets and canteens of office buildings. Workaholism nearly always results in and additional coffein addiction, so these cups would reach the targets certainly.
    'Dolgoznom kell!' = I must work!'
    'Lassíts!' = Slow down!'

    It contains information about recognising the illness, a test in the middle and some more information on treatments. With the exception of the middle page, it is printed on tracing paper. Its semi transparent look reflects to the mind fogging nature of workaholism, while the resultant chaotic merge of the different pages is synonymous with the confusion of doing several things all at once.

    The cover page contains common excuses of workaholics for non stop working, and ignoring other fields of life. This page is titled 'Munka'( = work). The following page represents a scrawl motif that is a recurring element of the graphic identity, and represents inner doubts, confusion and fears, titled 'Mánia'(=mania). Together these titles form the hungarian word for workaholism: Munkamánia.
    IT'S TIME TO REST! (absurd object and its packaging)
    This is a little plastic cup filled with colored plaster topped with a sticker, that is designed to look like black coffee. Refering again to the way workaholics abuse coffein.
    'Ideje pihenni!' (= It's time to rest!).
    'Kimeríthetetlen' (= Inexhaustable)