Mumzy Stranger - Showgirl

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    Client: Mumzy Stranger
    Dir: Ben Adam-Harris
    This is a music video I directed for Mumzy Stranger.
    I really love the look of pen and ink, graphic novels like Sin City and the style of Sin City and The Spirit and I really wanted to make something in this style.
    I was given this opportunity when I won the pitch to direct this video.
    We shot on green screen on HD at Denmark Studios, North London. I then went on a photo trip around London and took photos of all the main landmarks and other street elements I found interesting. I used photoshop's threshold to gain the silhouette look and added various paint splats and drips.
    In After Effects I constructed the different sets in 3D - which I had used a bit before but really learnt through this project how I could maximise this technique.
    I edited the video in FCP and then composited the footage in After Effects using keylight.
    I think the footage could have been lit better and I think now I would have treated the footage to make it blend more with it's environment but overall I'm pretty pleased especially in the short time span I had to make this video.
    This video was shown on MTV Base, featured on MTV and BBC News and was nominated for 'Best Video' at the Asian Music Awards 2010.
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