Heritage muti-touch table for museum.

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    "As part of the Welsh Government’s plans to increase public access, enjoyment and participation in Wales’s heritage, Cadw has launched a series of new interpretation experiences at Caerphilly Castle, ranging from sculptured heads of historical characters, to light projections and sound effects, to improve the overall visitor offer of the site.
    This multi touch table charts the restoration works funded and driven by the Bute family since they took ownership in 1776 and includes CGI reconstructions of the castle,detailed architectural plans commissioned by the Bute family, photographic archives of the restoration projects and collections of artwork relating to the development of the castle."
    Tony Payne, Head Custodian at Caerphilly Castle, is delighted by visitors’ reactions to the new technology. He said: “Visitors seem to be getting so much more out of their trips to the castle since introducing the improved interpretation facilities. “We’ve seen a big increase in the duration of visit – with some people staying for two hours or more. Visitors have fed back that they feel they are getting better value for money, and that the facilities enable them to learn much more about the stories behind the site.
    During my 3 months placement at "Wide Sky Design" studio I have contributed to an amazing project. My role was to create the graphics and the animation implemented for the creation of this amazing Multi-Touch Table which is now located inside Caerphilly Castle in Wales.
    During the creation process I was fully related to the programmers team and under the supervision of the creative director which helped me gain confidence and creative skills.
    For more details about the project and the Studio visit:
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