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Multea.Tea & Coffee Machine

Encountered ineveryday life and created problems for enduser products, design understandingof the different priorities inmind other than terminationor long or short term, many reach consumers iscaused by negative feedback.
This makes it difficult for boththe company and for the user. Or wrong in human nature to adapt to the correct time will be accepted as a result of the adoption. However basically every product of human-oriented practice, the user is responsible to makeeasy for thelives. Multea heavily consumed in our country, socio-cultural sense of place it deserves, tea and tea service that had aimed to bring a new perspective to subjects. User-friendly and highly technical, and during product usage as much as possible to minimize the physical disadvantages envisaged. Tea and a tea kettle of water to come together and present-day form reached by the necessity to be served separately. This powerful fixed form solution, except for the end user during transportation, and services creates negative situations. With the one hand possibility to manually move the service to make a much more advantageous and provides a healthy form of usage. Tea and hot water service when the service without having to bend your elbow, or you remove the arm. Product has advantageous for disabled users in a single arm. Dimensions allows you to enjoy by the use does not require physical strength.

Areas such as; home kitchens, offices, intended for application at thesame time intended for the sizes of 3-4 people is designed to eliminate the need to. Simple usage thanks to the structure which provides the advantage of multea. water can be heated and served in the same way tea, black tea, herbaltea, green tea, similar in many flavors such as coffee allows you the ability to easily.
In general, ourcountry much tea is drunk in a row. Therefore, you must continuously refresh of tea, when cutting downthe hot water you can re-fill the water reservoir can be made ready for service. Becauseof the constantly interacting of the teapot and hot water tank they are hot and tea always stay freshrole to ready to use. Body structure composed ofparts cylindrical and transparent. This benefits to learn how much is remaining. At the same time instead of making the service as this structure by tilting the service rather than service multeapositioned upright way. cup of tea and coffee maker, from above, andas to eliminate blind spotsduring the transfer creates an ergonomic use.

Multea - Tea & Coffee Machine - Details and Product Components

Positioned at the upper side of 2 buttons ergonomically convenience to the user when.service providing. Button on the left side with the hot water, tea of service is done with the button on the right side. Using the buttons, you can adjust the requirement of water and the darkness of tea

Colour LED indicators located on the front tells us the amount of time. Hot water delivered to our chamber pot after boiling tea water mixed with a certain period of time required to receive retirement becomes a complete circle, until the red light. Now ready to serve tea at where the indicator is completely red.

There is a button positioned on the side. This sliding button has very simple function , it provides boiling hot water mixing potgoes through water reservoir. Shifted right button is positioned on the left side of the empty chamber pot stuffed with water are provided. After transferring the button, we leave the water until you need the pot with spring mechanism will return to its original position. apparatus consisting of a vertical axis through the center of the upper side of the metal andplastic materials in the pot of hot water and transfer elements functions as buttons.

Multea consists of four elements outlined. Body made ​​of high heat-resistant ABS plastic material. Injection-pattern can be produced. Containers are considered as high heat-resistant transparent plastic or glass.

cover and hold function controls takes place partial

hot water tank

steel teapot, part of the filter where

power unit (electric)
Multea - Tea & Coffee Machine

I. Tea in boiling water for hot water reservoir, located primarily on the side of the machine movesto the right with the movement of a finger pushing a single button. Part teapot with water tank located between the apparatus and the closed position so that thechances of upward movement of water necessary for the transition by providing cavity. After draining the water into the pot boiling until the sliding button we need and leave theapparatus illustrating pass this way, water tank with a pot of water between cuts. Teapot tea or coffee in the chamber to reaching boiling water until it is needed, wait, here.

II. This section of brewed tea (or coffee, etc. ..) How is served in a glass, followed a path all to see. Belonging to the upper cover part of the pot and positioned buttons make using the service is quite simple. Transfer after pressing the button located in the middle trunk, turning the red valve elementcatches up. this part up to prevent loss of water to move toward the position can be poured tea comes fromthe space-founded, so we want our tea, fresh service are able to rate glass.

III. Hot water tank, adding water to the cup in the same way again located above button is used. Hold down the button, we need to provide a rate transmission re in a glass of water. Water reservoir situated in the midst of the water that prevents the transfer apparatus obstructivebutton is being pressed upward movement of water go through the leads area. Cup of hot water goes to this channel.