"Mt Olympus Water&Theme Park" interactive map

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    interactive park map
  • As a group consisted of graphic designer, 3d artist and programer, and photographer, we came to USA as J-1 workers.
    After one month of working at Mount Olympus as ride attendants we came up with an idea of making new park map.
    Confused people were all around the place, looking for rides and trying to find their way through park. And that was our motivation. We knocked on millionaire's office and offered him our idea. Stunned by our earlier references new project of interactive map started on 21 of July. Enjoying the rest of the J-1 program, we finished web version as well as the print
    version of the map.

    Drawing: Sanja Ignjatovic
    3D art and programing: Boris Ignjatovic
    Photography: Stefan Milic

    Link to interactive map
  • Demo version:
  • Printed map:
  • Interactive map:
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