• Mr.Blue
  • This stop-motion was the Concept and Storyboard of an 11 year old, studying in grade 6, Arhum Naseem Khawaja.

    The main character Mr Blue, hates its personality
    & it tries to copy others but soon realizes it's best
    to be itself & when it found out
    we took a video of it, it got real mad.
                                                                Arhum N.Khawaja

    This was an experimental project , done with kids to involve their free minds into visualizing a personal story, in this case he did a formation of his name.

    The motion of all the objects were directed by Me and Najia Omer.

    Camera work, Editing and Sound Design - Omer Waiz

    Shot on Canon 7D

    Production helpers:
    Najia Omer
    Zahaab Naseem Khawaja