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A collection of pieces I did for Movmnt Magazine.
Travel Journal
This assignment was to create three pages that look like a scrapbook journal of a Polaroid photographer. The Polaroids and copy were supplied. I created and designed everything else.
Environmental Cleaner
Double page spread for Movmnt Magazine. The idea behind this layout was to show the world being cleaned by manmade means.
Rough sketch 1.
Rough sketch 2.
Rough sketch 3.
Rough sketch 4.
World Burning
The assignment here was to make the world look like it is in trouble. I was given the different points of concern from around the world. Then I submitted an idea of the world being on fire. Text was later added by another designer.
Hotel World Map
Basic assignment for Movmnt Magazine. Combine four stock photos into a layout that looks like a world map on the side of an old hotel exterior wall, while leaving room for a designer to lay in text. This seems simpler than it was. I had to figure out how to get the lighting and shadows to match up after the fact since they did not work together in the original source material.
Dream Hotel
Double page spread for Movmnt Magazine. The editor wanted this to look like a technical schematic focusing on three services that this ideal hotel would provide. Text for the article was added later by a different designer.
Hotel Gallery
Movmnt Magazine did an article on a professional dancer who made sketches while she stayed in hotels all over the world. This was a one page layout to begin that article. Text was eventually laid in by another designer.
Military I.D.s
Three spot graphics for an article. The editor supplied photos of three dancers and told me to turn them into old military I.D. cards of sorts.