Moving November 2012 [Digital Illustrations]

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  • A Personal Project that got halted due to almost, but nearly not the same kind of circumstances that jump started it in the first place.
    This project was a simple exercise to fight the demons, and confront the ever building fears and doubts. 

    The risk of making the move to another country, quitting a good job for NO JOB, barely any savings finally started to take its toll. And then the nonstop moves from one apartment to another, and then another within a period of 40 days was not doing much for the nerves either!

    There were points where people took advantage of the fact that I didn't know anybody, and had a poor grasp of the language (Brasilian Portuguese).

    And then there were people who took exactly the same issue in consideration, and went out of their ways to help me. God bless them infinitely.

    There were days when I didn't have even bread to eat. And there were days where I had enough to share with that homeless guy that lives on Rua Farme do Amoedo in Ipanema. There were days when street cleaners offered to share their food with me in Ilhia Do Gigoia, Barra.

    I still don't have a job, and I still have my dream of attaining that perfect dream work situation = where I illustrate, design and conceptualize my heart out - and the client completely approves =) hahahah

    And this project was kind fun while it lasted. Hopefully when I move to the next place, (there are 3 more moves within that place too haha, ) and finally get settled down - I will restart the digital diary =)

    I am now an official raging insomniac (any help in curing that would be a huge welcome).
  • I am a strange giraffe.
    Remembering yesterday.
    9th Nov 2012.
  • Slowly Swimming Out.
    10th Nov 2012.
  • The jungle of indecision. The caged. The Free. The Pensive. 10 to 11 to 12.
    10th Nov 12.
  • Lines expose emotion.
    10th Nov 12.
  • I ate too much today, hence I didn't make anything but this bakwas doodle.
    ( Well at least -I tried to keep my promise of one illustration a day!)
    11th Nov 12.
  • Reminiscing October.
  • My final room - it is incubating me - I may need to reach out and fly soon ...
    16th Feb-13
  • The view from my balcoy, a city stuck in eternal 'soiree'..and jukas everywhere =)
    18th Feb 13