Moving Buildings; On sustainable office buildings

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  • In The Netherlands, more and more office buildings are vacant, posing us the challenge to find an answer to the situation. One of the solutions is, to create a sustainable value for these buildings by reducing their energy use, or even make them energy neutral. ‘Gebouwen Bewegen’ (Moving Buildings) is a book that is published by a Dutch NGO and uses realistic examples that show how a building can be made energy neutral, while at the same time gain quality.

    The book was produced in a cooperation between EnergieSprong (‘energy jump’), a programme by Dutch real estate NGO ‘SEV’, with Paul de Ruiter Architects, ARUP Engineers, Fakton, Van Miert Developments and Total Public. The book answers questions that users might pose their landlords on how sustainable their building actually is, and bases itself on user profiles and existing buildings that lead to design and calculation examples. The book aims to stimulate real estate investors to make their buildings more sustainable, in order to let them more easily. Paul de Ruiter designed building quality improvements, ARUP calculated the effects on energy use and Fakton calculated rentability and regaining periods. Total Public took care of the concept, design and production of the book and the website
    Client: EnergieSprong/SEV, De Transitieformule
    Project: Book Gebouwen Bewegen (Moving Buildings)
    Agency: Total Public

    Client: De Transitieformule (Paul de Ruiter Architects, ARUP Engineers, Fakton, Van Miert Developments)
    Advisor: Stijn van Diemen, Elisabeth Kroon
    Creative Director: Edwin van Praet
    Design: Edwin van Praet, Yu Zhao
    Desktoppublishing: Paul Monster, Paul Scholte
    Web-Development: Mike Jungschlager, jan de Groot, Hugo Stijns
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