Movie poster for something I dreamt

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  • Poster for "Kess" starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt
    A poster for a movie that only exists in my sub-conscious
  • It was late, I finished reading a couple comic books, read some of Bret Easton Ellis's "Glamorama" and then watched the latest trailer of "Dark Knight Rises." After all of this I fell asleep. In result I had a dream that I was watching this movie called "Kess," which starred Joseph Gordon-Levitt as a telepath that stumbles upon some deep dark secrets from someone close to him. I assume the plot goes in the direction of thrills and chaos. I don't really remember much else; while at work all I wanted to do was create this poster with his face and the title. As the day progressed, I filled in the gaps like supporting characters, tagline, look/design. Feel free to create plot points. "Kess" coming to a sub-conscious near you.