Movie Rewards Card

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    Rewards cards create to promote customer loyalty at Avoca Beach Picture Theatre.
  • Created for the Avoca Beach Picture Theatre, these movie rewards cards are designed to promote the theatre and encourage customer loyalty. For the logo design, I was inspired by the original art deco style checkered floors still present in the theatre today and cafe signs from the same era. The client required the design to be simplistic, understandable in function and eye catching to the viewer; thus allowing both the elderly and younger patrons to participate fully.

    Currently in use, the new design has been a great success and regular patrons have welcomed the new design with comments ranging from "it's easier to find in my wallet" to "it's more substantial, like an actual card".

    Print Run: Ongoing/Continuous
    Stock: 300gsm Art Board, Matte Cello (Double Sided)
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