• Movember
    Mo Cookin'
  • The connection between diet and health is well documented. Food has also drawn many artists and photographers to use it as an expressive medium rather than solely to illustrate a food or recipe. Vik Muniz's drawings with chocolate and Irving Penn's iconic images of frozen berries and beans are two such examples.

    This project aims to bring these two concerns together. Health and food as an artistic medium.
    As a photographer, I have photographed a dozen cookbooks over the last few years and in the process have had the chance to work with many of Ireland's greatest chefs, cooks, producers and writers. 

    It is often said, we eat with our eyes, but it is in the tasting a dish will live or die by. Without someone to share the food this final stage cannot be realised. Therefor the whole reason we cook is to share, and there is no other art that makes generosity such a fundamental part of its essence as cooking. This makes cooks and chefs great people to hang out with.

    In general men in general are pathetically blasé about their health (although we are getting better). Movember attempts to address this with fundraising, awareness and humor. The biggest part of Movember (Moustache + November) is its sponsored moustache growing. Many other events also take place during the month, music events, exhibitions and so on.

    Cancer will affect one in six lives directly and many more when you consider the patient's loved ones. I doubt if anyone living in Ireland has been untouched by cancer.

    This project aims to combine all the above mentioned, health, food as an artistic medium, awareness and humor.

    There are more images to follow.

  • Darina Allen, Ballymaloe, Co Cork

    Darina is one of Ireland's best known chefs and a longtime advocate of sustainable eating. She has written numerous books and runs the world famous Ballymaloe Cookery School.
  • Regina Sexton, Food Historian, University College Cork, Cork, Co Cork

    Regina, Ireland's leading food historian, has written 'A Little History of Irish Food' which was accompanied by a television program  and rekindled an interest in our food heritage. Her knowledge of food through the ages is simply breathtaking. It was a fascinating afternoon photographing with her.