Mountain Dew Character Bottle

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  • This bottle Re-design was a 3 week project in which we were given then assignment of creating character designs for products. Personally, I wanted to re-create an actual product on the market. After much though I decided to choose a brand that I felt not only matched my personal drawing style, but was a fun and playful product to make. For this reason I chose Mountain Dew bottles.
    Conceptually the character is a representation of what we turn into when drinking too much Mountain Dew. The Mountain Dew addict, wanting so drastically to return to his normal skin type, adornes a human mask to fit back in to society.
  • Final physical bottle label. Photography taken by me.
  • Final Character Illustrations.
  • Final Bottle Label
  • Redrawn Mountain Dew Logo. Done in Photoshop with my Tablet
  • Mountains traced from the branding on the original packaging. I did this in photoshop with a Wacom tablet.
  • ┬áConception & Process
  • I went through quite a drastic series of character illustrations to come to my final product. These are a few of my process shots
  • These are beginning character concepts. Each of the 10 characters have 2 different illustrations each.
  • A mid stage illustration of my character. I decided to shorten both the arm and body length for both size and style benefits.
  • The final ink drawings for my two part character illustration.
  • Bottle label concepts.