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  •      Having spent most of career, thus far, dabbling in the arts of print design, it wasn't long before animation, or motion design as it is referred to now a days, garnered my attention.. A buddy of mine let me onto something he was working on in AfterEffects and I was immediately attracted to what was unfolding in front of me. The manner in which he seamlessly blended his colour palette to create new imagery, coupled with the accompanying SFX to create the appropriate tone was simply gorgeous,
    and it got me thinking...
    Why not create some promo visuals to market my designEYEam brand, using his style as a reference. What you see below is what him and I are busy working on. Every day is a learning curve for me and motion design is yet another lesson in the completion of my arch.

    Because of the lengthy process it takes to create this animation I have included only what had been design and signed off in the mean time.

    (Shout-out goes to HOSTILE for the next level visual influmy career thus far, dablling Motion Design)

  •      Motion designEYEam
         Sound: "Strobe"- Deadmua5