• This is my Motion Graphics Showreel from working at Noho and Intermission Studios Dublin, Ireland. My role as Art Director and Motion Designer includes compositing, 2D and 3D design/motion graphics. I oversee the look and feel of a project as it changes into different media formats: from broadcast and exhibitions to apps, websites and print. In some of these shots I was given the 3D assets and had to comp them and others I created the 3D work from scratch. Music is by myself and Ian McDonnell aka Lakker.
    I am now living in Berlin and am still working remotely for Noho part-time and am also available for freelance work.  As well as Motion Graphics I've also worked on two TV shows (Aquabats and Sinbad) and two upcoming films as VFX artist and compositor. 
    My main skills are Art Direction, Motion Graphics, and Visual FX.
    I also work in Sound Design and Music Composition.
    I particularly enjoy interdisciplinary teamwork in order to get the best visual aesthetic on multi-platform, multi-format projects and enjoy designing everything from Apps to large scale visual projections.
    In order of proficiency:
    VFX: After FX - Softimage XSI -  C4D - Syntheyes - Nuke.
    DESIGN: Illustrator - Photoshop - InDesign - CSS.
    AUDIO: Pro Tools HD/LE - Ableton Live - MAX/MSP.
    INTERACTIVE: Derivative TouchDesigner - Flash.