• Mother Goose
    images by Jonathan Hobin
  •      The Mother Goose Nursery Rhymes are a collection of poems, riddles, and stories that originally were used as tools to educate, remind, or even scare children into a pattern of thought or behaviour. Although the origin of many, if not most of the rhymes, is impossible to determine, their content frequently refers to a specific historical event(s) or societal ill that has no obvious relationship to the starry-eyed innocence we often associate with childhood.
  • Mother Goose
  • Peter Pumpkin Eater
  • Jack Horner
  • Miss Muffet
  • Yankee Doodle
  • Jumping Joan
  • Jack and Jill
  • Bobby Shaftoe
  • Hannah Bantry
  • Jack Sprat
  • Jeremiah Obadiah
  • Polly Flinders
  • Three Men in a Tub