Mother & Child

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  • A womans pregnancy diet varies from region to region. Specifically in rural Karnataka "ragi mudde" (the round brown ball) is made of finger millets, flour and water. It is almost a staple diet, paired with yogurt or some lentil gravy.¬†Apart from this, eggs, fish, fruits, milk and greens are advised.
  • During our research for these posters, we realised that people from rural and rural-urban setups have a distinct relationship with films and their characters and catch phrases. This poster highlights the goodness of mothers milk. And the hand gesture was from a regional kannada film then. It meant "super" - hence cueing, "mothers milk is super".¬†
  • Since it was important to highlight the role of family during a womans pregnancy, we illustrated other characters who could feature on these posters. The names were picked based on the region these posters were meant for.