Most viewed YouTube video in Denmark - December 2013

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  • When we created the concept for this prankvertising, we set out to play with the question: Does Santa exist? Well, of course he does. But what role should he play?
    In the basic set-up we converted peoples cars into Santas sleigh while they were shopping - including four live reindeer and all. Then something unexpected happened that actually made it even better. As we’re dressing up the car of two ladies, one of them returns to get her wallet. As she goes back into the supermarket, we remove everything again. Her reaction to that is priceless.
    This is real candid camera with real people, quite a stressfull process but very rewarding at the same time :-)
  • Credits:
    Client: SuperBrugsen
    Agency: Republica
    Creative Director: Nikolaj Fremming (me)
    Director: Tomas Villum Jensen
    Production: Hop Creek Entertainment
    Jingle Bells is played by Shotgun Revolution