'Morrissey by Autobahn' is a typeface that brings a tribute to the song 'There is a light that never goes out' by The Smiths.
    The shape of the typeface is based on the principle of 'interference': a phenomenon in which two waves superimpose to form a resultant wave of greater or lower amplitude. Interference effects can be observed with all types of waves like light and sound. 'Morrissey by Autobahn' is a visualisation of the interference of both light (the title of the song) and sound (Morrissey singing).

    The 'Morrissey by Autobahn' typeface (€ 50,–) and typespecimen (€ 10,–) are available in our shop.


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  • Typespecimen containing nine 30x40 cm posters:
    Short video about the project:
    Typedesigning process:
  • Disclosure of the typeface took place during the graphic festival 'Beyondergound' (Hasselt, BE) in a pop-up shop in the city center. We changed a 260 m2 former bookshop into an exhibition space in the front and a movietheater in the back. In complete darkness the visitors can sit down, relax in front of a 20 m2 screen and enjoy the delayed animation and sounds.
    Animation on 20 m2 screen:
  • Artwork: a laser-cut foam board mounted in a frame with LED lighting: