Morrison Planetarium Rebranding

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  • For the final project of my introduction to Graphic Design class, we were given the assignment to find a museum, or in my case a planetarium, of our choice and we were to build a new logo and create a three poster campaign for it. 

    My choice was the Morrison Planetarium is San Francisco, CA. 

    The logo redesign is a simple, and an easily comprehended concept. 
  • The posters were created to conjure up a sense of wonderment and curiosity within the viewer. I tried to accomplish this by using numbers, and as well as using a tagline with the logo that says, "Seeing is only half of it." One can appreciate the beauty of the Universe, of course, but it is my belief that once the person learns the size of things, scale of things, and just how vast this universe actually is, then the profound impact is created. I made the comparison between these astronomical numbers, and things that humans have common knowledge of. This way, the message will hit closer to home for the viewer.

    I feel as if the Planetarium doesn't want to just put on a pretty show for the people, but they want to encourage them to go learn more about the wonders of our universe. With these posters, I tried to bring that same exact encouragement to the table.

  • This was the first of any type of rebranding I have ever done, and I must say that I really enjoyed it.
    Hopefully I'll be working on many more projects similar to this next semester. 

    Thanks for viewing my work! If there are any people out there willing to give helpful advice/critique, I'd be happy to see it!