Morad Bouchakour - Liliane Fonds

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  • Liliane Fonds "Participate"
    Morad Bouchakour

    Liliane Fonds is a well know Dutch charity that helps over 80,000 handicapped Children worldwide to participate in their society. The project based around “Meedoen” meaning to “participate” was the focus of the piece, Bouchakour spent time with the children and the charity teams in India, learning about their situations and how they now live their lives with help from the charity. The images below show the campaign images for awareness along with Bouchkour’s personal interaction with the children during his time with them, in their eyes it was his turn to perform and dress up. after bossing them around during the the filming and shooting.
    Director and First camera: Morad Bouchakour
    Second camera: Guy Offerman
    Production: Natasja Reeuwijk
    Agency: Crossmarks
    Art Direction: Yuri van Poppel and Ruud Tuithof