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    Typographic Calendar
  • For this project we were required to document a daily action for one month and to translate the chosen action into a suitably characterized calendar. I chose to document Paul Auster's book, 'Moon Palace' (which is absolutely wonderful) and gathered my favorite, most existential sentences.
    The entire structure was inspired by satellites, microscopes and globes.

    The book is divided into three characters that represent three different generations,
    I chose to use the most fundamental quality of each character;

    The upper part of the calender refers to the first generation.
    An old man who clings to his past. The calender's pieces can be opened randomly,
    similar to the way the character remembers different days of his life in random order.

    The middle part of the calender refers to the third generation.
    This character is narrating the story. The buttons represent a typewriter and
    when you press on them you can see the typography itself, which symbolizes a diary.

    The bottom part of the calender refers to the second generation.
    A professor who has searched for his father his entire life. The wheel symbolizes a microscope.
    In order to read the fine print you need to spin the wheel and look closely.