• Mood Rooms

    It has always been my dream to live in a house where you have mood rooms, enabling me to choose a room to reflect my emotions.
  • Mood room 1: Loneliness
    Loneliness is represented by a cube. The lonely person lives in her own world and is alienated from reality. This is why she is trapped inside the box. In order to see what’s inside the box you need to look throught it, which emphasizes on the notion of alienation and loneliness. The birds and the tree represent freedom and well-being, in contrast with the inside of the cube.
  • Mood Room 1: Loneliness

  • Mood room 2: Confusion
    Confusion is represented by a complex composition and many layers juxtaposed. While holding the composition, you’ll sense ambiguity and confusion: which way should I hold it? The stairs going up and/or down, the man, the trees and the animals are going in all directions, confusing the person looking at them
  • Mood room 3: Love
    In contrast to the “loneliness closed box”, love is represented by two people hanging in an open space. They are represented in an open box to show they are in their own world. They feel they are alone and in love despite being part of the society (which is symbolized by the external part of the box, the city)
  • Mood Room 3: Love

  • Mood room 4: Dream
    The final mood room is called “dream”. I wanted to stress on the fact that we all have an inner child who dreams and wish to escape from reality. The colors and the mood are fresh, and delightful
  • Mood Room 4: Dream