Montreal Accueil Bonneau Shelter

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    Accueil Bonneau wants to remind the general public that they need donations to continue supporting the homeless by responding to their basic needs and offering social reintegration services.

  • Advertiser: Accueil Bonneau Shelter
    Client: Danièle Tremblay, Aubin Boudreau
    VP Creative Director: Etienne Bastien
    Co-Creative Director: Jonathan Rouxel
    writer: Guillaume Blanchet, Frédéric Girard, Etienne Bastien
    Art director: Jonathan Rouxel
    Account Service: Michèle Bastien
    Executive Producer: Carole Beauchamp
    Director: Nicolas Monette
    Production House: Quatre Zéro Un
    Post-Production: Vision Globale
    Sound: Sonart
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