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Mont Blanc , 2012
This project was the last of a post-graduation course in Motion Design with the purpose of approaching the class to a real client/studio relationship. It was led by João Seabra (Jump Willy) during four weeks.
In this project 3D animation was inserted in a real previously photographed scenery. My contribution was on a projection basis, where I provided tridimensionality to the set and thus enabling a healthy camera movement through Cinema 4D. Also, I was in charge of sound design and edition in the final animation.
Post-graduation coordinator/ Alexandre Jacinto
Teacher/ Michael Marcondes
Workshop lecturer/ João Seabra (Jump Willy)
Done by:
  Bruno Aires, Jaíne Cintra, Joana Paupério, João Moreira, Nuno Leites, Pedro Davis, Rita Lopes