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Paintings from "Becomings of MonoStructures" exhibition
Paintings and figures should experience their own becoming processes. Actually, the series of drawing that I call sketches form the first stages of a major becoming. Afterwards, reflection and aesthetics developed getting influenced by each other. In last two years, I tried to concentrate everything that I read, thought and drew in a single point. And in their process of becoming, I observed them finding their own forms without autocratically fitting into a pattern in their own processes of becoming. These thoughts and drawings developed around MonoStructures that are mainly embodied power ideas. In the end there emerged a rhizomatic creation. A major structure without a beginning or an end, intertwined with one another, but one that develops a discourse of its own. A disorganized structure that does not lose anything from its totality even though it breaks apart; that actually is not a totality and is against dualities.