Mommy's Magic Kit - Package Design

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  • Mommy Magic Kit - Branding and Packaging
  • Logo design, branding and package design. Illustrator and photoshop.

    Bella Tunno, Inc. produces compact, convenient, stylish accessories for busy moms. The Mommy Magic Kit packs in games, first-aid items and childcare "emergency" items into a chic package.

    The "Mommy Magic Kit" needed to cohere with Bella Tunno's existing style of bold, colorful pattern work and color-blocking and incorporating the green and brown pairing.

    The logo design, package design, bag design and notepad are my work. 
  • Mockup created in photoshop and illustrator for the client prior to acceptance.

  • Mockup demonstrating the secondary logo on the bag.
  • Actual prototype photography.
  • Notepad design for inclusion in the kit.