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Self initiative packaging project. No commercial value.
With this project I wanted to create a tea packaging, simple and cost effective.
I set my color palette to simple black and white, letting the shapes speak for the personality of the tea.
I made a concept for both packaging and company, called Momentummeaning "the impetus and driving force gained by the development of a process or course of events". I chose this name thinking about all good things that come from sitting down, having a cup of tea: sometimes at relaxing moments like these, the best ideas come, a sudden realization may appear, we find the drive to do something.

The logo represents a steaming cup of tea, with an M appearing in it. The little star on top represents the spark, that moment of joy, the "eureka" brought by the tea-break. This star becomes the main shape appearing in the packaging: in the examples I made, it becomes a liquorice stick, a minimal orange surrounded by raisins, a starry night for the chamomile. 
Completed in 2012