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  • MolechulinoHome appliance concepto for 2050 year
  • Molecular pantry and kitchen. Conceptual design for a lifestyle in 2050 as part of the competition Electrolux Design Lab 2010.

  • Millions and millions of people concentrated in the Megalopolis, living space is considerably reduced, threatening the quality of life and mental wellbeing.

    Save space and be enviromentally friendly is the norm.

    And so it begins...

  • A molecular cuisine for the global inhabitant of the 2050, the technological nomad...

    nteracting with each other to form a microcosm of galaxies 25 cm in circumference.

  • Molechulino container is based on the mortar (molcajete), a manual food mill is used in traditional Mexican cuisine.
    As Molechulino "crushed" or rather breaks down food into smaller pieces, such as a mortar
  • The interface design was based on research conducted in the way users search for food in the pantry       and / or refrigerator.
    Sometimes you crave something sweet, turn on the log book and active Molechulino (map of galaxies) choose the folder of flavors in the tag "sweet" and the list of foods with that feature appears

  • Database:
    1. Decide how to store food
    2. You create your folders
    3. Put the food tag
  • Molechulino seeks to recreate a whole range of experiences through plugins, including:

    1.Take other food molecules to complete other already stored, allowing you tocomplete those foods later.
     2. Packed molecules3. Making textures and flavors
  • "Todo cabe en un jarrito sabiendolo acomodar."
    "All fits in a little jar knowingly accommodate."
    Popular Mexican Proverb