Mole Hill Straight & Spiral Staircases & Balustrading

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  • Mole Hill Straight and Spiral Staircases & Exterior and Interior Glass Balustrade
    This beautiful surrey property required two contemporary staircases and balustrading to match its modern surroundings. The marble, timber and steel indoor staircase was an exercise in complementary materials. The structure of the staircase in this South London home was constructed from stainless steel box sections acting as a centre spine. The tread carriers were constructed out of concrete and clad in marble and finished with an elliptical timber handrail. The atrium glass balustrade was made up of low iron glass mates to a bespoke glass track. The stair was a marriage in materials as well as demonstrating CANAL’s ability to work with sub-contractors effectively to achieve the right results.
    Guide Price: £40,000*
    *floor to floor
    The external spiral staircase was designed to provide ease of access from the first floor to the patio and garden area. It was the client’s wishes for the staircase to take only a small footprint resulting in the design of two stainless steel ribbons sweeping down to the floor accompanied with curved glass balustrades and a stainless steel tubular handrail. CANAL installed a number of other balustrades outside the home, complementing the character of the building.
    Guide Price: £25,000*
    *floor to floor
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  • "From the start we found CANAL's approach to what was a complex project; very professional, efficient and attention to detail extremely good. My Client did, on numerous occasions, refer to CANAL as the best contractor working on the project, I would agree."

    Mr Rob Stone, Octagon Developments Ltd
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  • Mole Hill Interior

    Mole Hill glass balustrade and stainless steel handrail detail.
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