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  • Kriture is a project involving illustration, design, designer toys and I run it aside from my graphic / digital design work. It allows me to grow as a designer, creative, researcher and entrepreneur.
    The concept is about avoiding procrastination in our world, by entering inside a new surreal world where every Kriture is an idea stored in a box by a girl, that gained life with their potential energy.
    Kriture and my design work were presented in design conventions.
  • Hard Kritures - Character Design & Illustration
    This characters belong to the Hard Kriture community in Kriture's world. They are handmade, can be replicated with mould casting. Each one has a story, name and a meaning. They come with their profile files and in a costum package designed to support each piece. There are 16 different characters, I illustrated each one, took 3 views of each one and retouched them.

  • Resin Collectible Toys
  • Hard Kriture Package
    The package is the Kriture's logo
  • Illustration, Posters, Wallpapers, Stickers
  • Soft Kritures - Promotional Video, Illustration, Designer Toys & Package
    Soft Kritures are one of a kind, hand sewed and sculpted. They squeak, the eyes glow in the dark, come with magnets, cards, custom package and profile file.
    There are currently mor then 100 different Soft Kritures and special editions.

  • Kriture's Website and online shop