Mokume-gane Spencer Style

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  • This is just a photo journal of my first attempt to make Mokume-gane. I have made 2 laminates, the photo journal shows the first laminate, and the finished (patterned) piece is from my second Laminate.  Does any body have an secrets that could aid me, I plan on doing a lot more mokume in the future!
  • My very first finished laminate!  18 layers of alternating Copper, Brass, and Nickel Silver.
  • My second laminate 16 layers of Sterling Silver, Nickel Silver, Shibuichi, Shakudo, and Copper. Rokusho patina.
  • My third laminate is 12 alternating layers of Shibuichi and Shakudo with a top layer of fine silver. With this piece I wanted the top silver layer to become the background for the pattern I was going to make.  I did this by using chasing and repousse to make a 3D pattern.