• The challenge.
    Essentially the brief was to reawaken the world about the uniqueness of untreated Rubies and Sapphires. Mogok is 200km north of Mandalay, Myanmar. It’s hills are rich in natural beauty and also in Gemstones. These treasures have been sought after and fought over for centuries. The Jewels from this area really are special, they are frequently found to possess levels of quality and clarity that other regions fail to achieve. Rubies and sapphires unearthed from the mogok region have incomparable beauty and characteristic. Mogok Road combines direct access to a unique product, with industry knowledge and expertise. It is a small but and respected and trusted wholesaler operating out of Singapore and this is reflected in long standing relationships with many clients.

    In essence the brand was built around the idea of searching. For centuries people of all creeds and classes have been making the arduous journey to Mogok, they are all searching. Literally of course – digging in the rock with machines, tools and even bare hands. Looking for these fabled gems of unmatched clarity and colour. The search is where the excitment is, the adventure. But many have a desire for something more, something bigger. It is not a new begining they want, it is a new destiny. They take their future in their own hands and travel deep into the unknown.
    Look closely
    Even the elephant has been searching.

    The k in Mogok is pronounced softly almost like a g