• Moët Sky Cinema- Simulated Reality Video Installation

    In 2009 Moët & Chandons flagship event "A Tribute to Cinema" was held in Tokyo to celebrate Moëts collaboration with Scarlett Johansson.

    Moët wanted to do something memorable and I pitched an ambitious idea to create a Simulated Reality video installation.

    The idea was to take the natural view of Tokyo and replace it with a replication of the view using 16,000 lumens projectors and carefully built screens disguised as the existing windows.

    This would give viewers a more or less realistic illusion that they are looking out the window and not at a projected film. Once the view is transferred to film all limitations are gone, you can do anything in post production to transform the city.
    Concept, Director & CD: Brendon Smale
    ECD: Kevin Pereira
    Chief Admin Officer - Production: Keith Pinney

    Photography: Nacasa
    CG: W0W
    Production: Syn

  • Scarlett Johansson signs the bottle which triggers the main sequence in the background
  • Raw CG film
  • City turns into dust

  • Click Herefor full size version
  • Construction
  • Before & After
  • I also Art Directed and Designed the event space