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Modular wall exhibition at Ogilvy Sofia office.
We've got an internal contest here at Ogilvy Sofia. The goal was to think of a solution for the staircase and It's adjacent wall.

First I came with the idea that the stairs nicely could represent some kind of chronological and constant upward progress. Something similar to a Hall of Fame. So the first step was the foundation of the local office way back in 1995 then followed the other years with all the meaningful for us events listed, as festival awards and new clients.

Then came the subidea for the so-called Modular Exhibition. Any other static solution would piss us off way too soon and other solutions like system of projectors and flat screens would be too expensive or dissing or unapplicable for an everyday office environment. So the idea is to build a real-life grid for different predefined sizes of canvases that can be replaced and rearranged easily and the probable variations are endless.

So using these tracks that are following the wall from the bottom of the first floor to the top of the ceiling of the second we built a fully modular environment. Еven with other possible implementations in the future.