M O D E R N - S U R F  P.2
    By: Toby Harriman

    I just got back from my second trip to O'ahu Hawaii. Again, it was incredible! This time, thanks to my buddy Chris, I got to bring a Canon EF 200-400mm f/4L IS USM Lens with Built-in 1.4x Extender. What a sweet lens, that I will never be able to afford! One of my main goals for this trip was to work on a Part 2 of my Modern Surf Series. View Part 1. I wanted to take a more artistic approach rather then documenting surf from a journalism approach. I bumped down the f-stop to f/30 - f/45 and worked on my panning. I never knew how hard this was. I maybe got 20 decent pans where the surfer had some sharp points. But even some that where blurred and more abstract, I enjoyed regardless of the imperfection. So here is my second take on surfing, I hope you enjoy!

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