• Modern Loft Interior
    Software: Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk 3Ds Max 2009, Chaos Group V-ray, 
    Scene Setup: 1 hour
    3Ds Max Render time: 1 hour/each
    Photoshop Touch Ups: 3 hours/each
    System: Mac Mini 2009 : Core 2 Duo 2ghz, 4Gb Ram, Nvidia 9400M
  • As an architecture student you need to work extremely fast to get things done and this means knowing how to use software efficiently and knowing how to balance things that in a 3d sofware would take quite a lot with things that can be done in 2D software extremely fast.
    The Project consisted of designing the interior of a loft, the deadline was in 4 days and I knew that if i had to create everything in 3Ds Max it would take ages, so i decided to create some interior renders with some objects and some materials and then alter them completely in Photoshop. 

    This is an example of some extremely low quality architectural renders made in 3Ds Max that with the power of Photoshop can be dramatically transformed. 

    The techniques used are mostly what digital matte paintings involve, meaning a mix between digital painting and photo manipulation to get the desired vision.

    The final renders were created in 2 days with around 6 hours of work/day, 1 extra day for laying the building plans, half day to create the final page layout.
  • Original 3Ds Max Renders - Rendered them for 1 hour/each.
    Note this are extremely low quality since i was on a deadline and in 3Ds max it wouldn't get them done so I decided to do a lot of postwork in Photoshop to get the desired effects.