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  • In these portraits, I wanted to focus on depth and paradoxes of being human. And more specifically the fact that we have a lot of "stuff" inside of ourselves that society teaches us not to accept.

    Why? I do not know ... Maybe because it's frightening to think we never know what we are / have really inside of us? ... Everything is so much easier when everything is binary, Manichean. The good, the bad ... Happiness,  unhappiness ...

    I find it so amazing! And I do not want to be a good citizen they want, simply because they told me to do it like that, and think like that. I want to enjoy my own lifestyle, I want to learn from my mistakes. Have my own way of thinking, my morality, know myself what is good or not. I do not want to be like a clone. I just want to be myself. With my faults and my strengths.

    But ... I've never really known what I am deeply? Are not we in a society that just prefer to be single?

    I am a woman with a lot of "me", many different sides, and I really think these faces built me, make me grow. And in all these facets, there is this little lady who loves black humor ... Probably because playing with her fears to better understand them? Who knows ... This dark side is stuck with me since my childhood and it is not tomorrow the day that may end ... So I created this series of photos ... To show that we have many things in us, and it might be time to listen better. For real. Be yourself. Stay Foolish. Be nice, be ugly, but be you!