Mode De La Fvnk - "Impossible is Nothing" video shoot

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  • IMPOSSIBLE IS NOTHINGby Mode De La FvnkStyling by LeidaDeMacedo Bernabela via Bare Souls Agency The Moodboards:Contacted by Mode De LaFvnk to coordinate the styling for their new track "Impossible is Nothing".By giving me a general idea of high fashion wish i came up with the result s you're about to see....
  • The Final Result:
    LaFvnk Productions

  • Virginia Constancia:                                                                                       Caren Tweeboom:
    -Aqua Di Lara bikini and necklace by The Bikini Shop, Curacao              -David Yurman sunglasses by Optique Ana, Curacao
    -DSquared sunglasses by Optique Ana, Curacao                                      - Aqua Di Lara beach dress, bikini and necklace by
    -Sandals by Head Over Heels, Curacao                                                       The Bikini Shop, Curacao
                                                                                                                            - Slippers by Head Over Heels, Curacao
  • Shariff Sprokel:
    - Tag Heuer sunglasses by Optique Ana, Curacao
    -A|X Armani Exchange swim shorts by A|X Armani Exchange, Curacao