• The visual language of the designs are centered around the fact that every object created passes through the hands, minds, and hearts of the users, so communicating the individual value of each object to the user through design is an important part of the visual process
    We aim to design objects that will be a catalyst for driving positive cultural change , inspiring society to move towards a more sustainable basis for living.

    This practically and reliably designed stool concept has been aimed at to be realised as the most fundamental sustainable design reference which is used within everyday lifecycle .

     There is only single screw to be required for assembling entire structure. It means very efficient for waste and environmental impact minimisation in the entire product lifetime.
    However we’ve also tried to keep a good enough to visual representation as well.

    This simple formed object is easy to be adopted into multiple user context without furtehr negative impact, moreover rationally managed disassemble process is also very helpful in terminal phase of product lifecycle as well.