Moby Dick & Ulysses

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    3D Posters
    I chose to combine two quotes from Moby Dick by Herman Melville and Ulysses by James Joyce  - the first quote being "Dissect him how I may, then I but go skindeep; know him not, and never will." from Moby Dick, and the second quote being, "God's little joke. Then out she comes. Repentance skindeep. Lovely shame. Pray at an alter." from Ulysses.
    In choosing these two quotes, my concept was to focus on the aspects of surfaces and depth that present themselves in both novels. "Skindeep" is the only word that overlaps between both quotes. By using plexi glass, I wanted to convey layering, to tie in with the idea of things being only "skindeep." The colors that I chose are meant to emulate an ocean - the back piece of plexiglass is navy blue, the first quote is chartreuse (a reference to the "snot-green sea" in Ulysses), the next quote is white to represent the white caps of waves in the ocean, and the last piece is again meant to emphasize the idea of surfaces and depth.