Moby Dick Shadowbox

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  • A shadowbox illustration I created in my junior year at Otis depicting the climactic scene from Herman Melville's novel Moby Dick. Everything is created from scratch including the box, which was made with chip board, book cloth, map paper, coffee stained paper, and PVA glue. 
  • The background is watercolor and all the illustrations are watercolor and pen. The ropes are embroidery floss. Everything is attached to the box with invisible thread, glue, and tape. 
  • I created the mini Pequoid ship as well. It is made with a wine bottle cork, paint, embroidery floss, canvas, toothpicks, and mini brads. 
  • I drew this portrait of the author, Herman Melville, for the project. It is drawn in blue prisma color-erase pencil. 
  • I photoshopped the drawing to look aged. Then I printed it, added the anchor with his name and birth/death date, matted and framed it. 
  • This is the treasure chest I displayed the portrait of Herman Melville and the shadowbox in.