• Mobile livingmodule working on renewed energy sources
    Mobile livingmodule BLOOM is destined for rest on the nature far from a civilization. Themodule works completely independently on renewed energy sources. The object isequipped by solar batteries, air and liquid solar collectors, water treatingfilters, the furnace of slow burning and system of processing of dust.The moduletransformed: lateral parts of the module are developed from the central partoutside, considerably increasing internal space of the module. The buyer of themodule will be the travel company which will organize trips to the place chosenby the client. The module is intended of six persons from three days about oneweek. The module istransported by means of motor transport or the helicopter. The size of themodule is multiple to the sizes of standard containers. It is possible toconnect some modules together.The living spaceincludes the entrance zone, three private living zones and the generalterritory into which the lunch zone, the sanitary-and-hygienic block, kitchenenters. The private living zone is an open room on two persons. The first berthis a top folding shelf. The second berth is transformed to a sofa and a benchin the afternoon, separating a workplace from the general zone.