Mnet: Ladybug
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A charming little Ladybug accidentally gets blown into a soap bubble; from here she gets taken on an extraordinary joyride through the forest.
M-Net commissioned Shy the Sun to create two enchanting and visually exciting pieces in stereoscopic for the M-Net ‘Believe’ Campaign. Both stories are aimed at reminding us of the magic that is out there, even in the strangest of places.

As with the Bakers Biscuit and Ribena commercials, we were able to indulge in the world of sculptural miniatures. Shy the Sun strongly believes in the use of man-made sculptures and sets to deliver a level of depth, detail and organic asymmetrical realism to the screen that is often more potent than with purely computer generated imagery. We have found that combining these two approaches works best for us, and this method really brought life to these two pieces.

The sets were shot with a Canon 5d mounted on a robotic motion control arm. After establishing the camera path and stereo conversion points, we fed the data into a program that we developed to make the necessary calculations to split the camera path into two - one left eye and a right eye. A stop motion package was used to automate the arm and camera movements.

The stereo track path enabled us shoot as many passes as we needed for blue screen and light passes, and the computer generated animated characters were added afterwards.